Adi’s Story

AdiThe early spring weather had us gazing out the windows, possibly more than we should. Soon we noticed a brown dog running around the neighborhood. All being animal lovers, we took turns trying to coax the dog to us, each hoping we would be the one to rescue her. Having no luck, we turned to animal control hoping they could catch her before a car or truck did. Animal control couldn’t get her; she even outran their dart guns. As she grew thinner and more panicked, the neighborhood business owners starting putting out food and water for her.

ADI owners Ron & Brenda Armijo were away for a few days when the staff noticed the brown dog dragging her hind leg. A staff member called the Animal Shelter begging for something to be done. They explained how often they’d tried to catch her and offered one last suggestion. They had a large animal trap if someone would come and get it.

Adi03When Ron got back to work, he was informed of the solution. Ron left to get the pen at once. Hearts were heavy as we knew if we caught this wild creature, her fate wasn’t very optimistic. The next morning she was in the pen. Ron took her to the shelter. He and Brenda came back talking about what a nice dog she was. Next thing the staff knew, she was at the veterinarian’s office having surgery on her injured knee. The staff at the Animal Shelter and the veterinarian’s office wasted no time in agreeing with the Armijos that this dog was worth saving.

Adi02After her waiting period was up at the Animal Shelter, Ron and Brenda adopted her and Adi was named. She came to the office each morning with them, dragging her splinted leg. We were all amazed at how thin she was and wondered how she’d been able to survive her time out on the streets.

Adi soon stole everyone’s hearts as she had Ron and Brenda’s from the start. We all enjoy her hijinks and shenanigans. She adds such lightheartedness to our office and shop, and everyone seems to smile a little easier when Adi is around. She is a robust dog with a slight limp, and seems to have forgotten her rough spring.